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Counselling Aberdeen Counsellors, CBT Therapists and Psychotherapists plus Couples Counselling Aberdeenshire can help you overcome many problems. We provide: cognitive behavioural therapy for depression, trauma, stress, panic, anger, phobias, social anxiety. Also, cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and couple/relationship difficulties using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other therapeutic counselling approaches.

Counselling Aberdeen counsellors and psychotherapists (UKCP reg) offer comprehensive counselling therapy services for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, including: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), family counselling, relationship therapy and couples counselling.

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Our counselling services cover the age range from adults, children, adolescents, couples, parents and families.

Specialist psychological therapies tailored to your needs at Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, Aberdeen


Common problems 

Our Aberdeen-based Counsellors and Psychotherapists can help you manage and overcome

Emotional problems in the form of worries, fears, stress, phobias, anxieties, sadness, low mood, depression, anger and irritability, obsessions, confusion, uncertainty, grief, jealousy, sexuality, eating distress, weight management, etc that interfere with your life.

Stress-related physical and health problems including aches and pains in the joints, muscles, neck, head, stomach and back, and problems with digestion, respiration (eg asthma), appetite, weight, appearance and sleeping plus unexplained pain and other health worries which have been checked by your GP or specialist and remain unexplained.

Coping with physical health problems such as the affect of heart disease, stroke, etc and the psychological, emotional, relational and behavioural consequences.

Relationship problems with family members such as children, siblings, parent’s, step-parents, partners and grandparents. Also, relationship difficulties with work colleagues and with making and maintaining friendships.  

Problems in your relationship with your self.  The nature of your relationship(s) with your self is very important in relation to self-blame, self-criticism, etc alongside how much self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-confidence you allow yourself.

Behavioural problems such as aggression, self-harm, withdrawal and avoidance.

Problems with the way you cope and manage day to day life at home and at work, for example, through excessive alcohol or drug misuse or spending too much time at work and neglecting other areas of life.

Problems dealing with traumatic life events such as loss, accidents, abuse and other difficult life experiences.

Problems in relation to transitions such as leaving home, divorce, changing job, unemployment and adjusting to disability, illness, living in different places, lifestyle changes.  How these affect your life and relationships.

Concerns regarding how you might live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  The life you would like to be living. 

Feeling things are not right in your life.  You might have a sense that something is wrong but you can't quite put your finger on it and you're unsure about what to do.

Other problems not listed above. (See: Problems A to Z).

Please contact us to make an appointment and we can discuss your situation in more detail and in confidence.  

There is no obligation to make any commitment or changes.  What you choose to do is entirely up to you.  

Counselling or psychotherapy at Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre can help you manage and/or overcome the problem(s) at your own pace. 

Our services are accessible from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Moray and Grampian 

To make an initial appointment, please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director tel: 07593768129 or email (please click on email address): info@aberdeentherapy.com 

All communications are treated with the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality.

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Are you thinking that perhaps your difficulty is not 'bad' or 'severe' enough to seek our help? 

If your feeling 'stuck in a rut', counselling or life coaching can open up many new possibilities for you. 

Don't let persistent and niggling problems or uncertainties ruin your life. Addressing problems and issues early often prevents them from escalating, taking over and spoiling your life, your relationships and your preferred futures. 

May'be you're thinking that your problem situation is too stuck and chronic and nothing will help?

Although the longer problems persist, the harder overcoming them becomes, please don't despair as there is a very high possibility that we can help you make the changes you need to make in your life, even if things have been difficult for a long time.  Remember there is always hope. 

Unfortunately, some people are living in situations with problems such as long term sickness or disability for which there is no 'solution'.  However, counselling can still help you to explore what is possible and to find ways of managing and coping with the situation that may improve the meaning and quality of your life and relationships. 

The Good News is....

We've seen so many people who feel completely oppressed by their problems and in seemingly 'impossible' situations, eventually go on to successfully transform their lives and relationships, despite their problems. 

Research informs us that therapy with experienced and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists is 70% effective to varying degrees ... this is a big plus and quite an amazing figure when compared, for example, with the success rates of many medical procedures. 

In the process of talking in therapy, in addition to the relief most people experience, it's amazing how often helpful new ideas and ways forward emerge.

The highly perceptive Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind, very wisely 'observed' that: "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."  This is what counselling is all about.

We are very happy to meet with you to discuss any issues that are causing you uncertainty and also to help you steer your life in your preferred direction.

We provide a confidential, friendly and independent therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy services for adults, children, young people and older people.  Also, parenting counselling, couple counselling, family therapy and relationship counselling plus separation and divorce counselling.            

Get Help Now by contacting Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director tel: 07593768129 or email (please click on email address): info@aberdeentherapy.com 

All communications are treated with the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality.

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