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Couples Counselling Aberdeen Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counselling Aberdeenshire

Couples Counselling Aberdeen, Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counselling Aberdeenshire for effective solutions to common relationship difficulties, couple conflicts and marriage problems, such as: affairs, betrayal of trust, arguments, feeling ignored and communication problems.

Relationships are the most important source of well-being.

Who Can Couple Counselling Help?

Aberdeen Couple Counselling is for any couple, married or unmarried, looking to resolve conflicts and improve their relationship by addressing concerns about: relationship distress, communication, conflict, problem-solving, emotional problems, anger issues, compatibility, parenting disagreements, sexual and intimacy problems, infidelity, trust, jealousy, separation, physical health problems impacting on your relationship, mental health problems, addictions and other matters.

How does Couples Counselling help?

Couples Counselling and marriage therapy helps you work through problems by addressing your unmet needs and learning new skills to move your relationship forward or, where appropriate, assisting you in the process of separating well.

How many meeting are required?

The number of meetings required really depends on the nature of your concerns.  Relationship counselling can be short-term with only two or three sessions needed or, where the situation is quite stuck, it may last several weeks or months.

How do you make an appointment?

To make an initial appointment for Couples Counselling Aberdeen, please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director tel: 07593768129 or email (please click on email address): 

All communications are treated with the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality.

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